Monday, January 23, 2012


The weekly Pornstar parties have been a huge success. Candi Mendle has put a great program of events together, which See's a DJ from the group and the Pornstar's partying "On Tour" at different members homes, businesses or party venue's each week.

Emmanuelle at the Party!
It's even better when one of our Pornstar's takes some fun or sexy snapshots. This week at the "Pornstar Hangout" Keeley Snowfall captured some sexy girls on the dance floor. ( With her camera i mean! )

TT here shows why the Pornstar parties may be such a success!?
You can see her whole blog post, and many more pics,  by clicking HERE. Thanks Keeley. xx

Some faces at the Pornstar Party..

Serenity Parties!
Colleen Criss.
Pornstar Hangout owner, and Saturdays hostess, London Zane.
The Photographer herself. Keeley Snowfall.
Serenity Juneberry. xx

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