Sunday, January 29, 2012


DO: Dress in a tuxedo or gown
DON’T: Wear any hair or shoes with scripts in them!!

DO: Wear a tie or tiara.
DON’T: Wear a collar, HUD, Xcite or anything else with a script. (Scripts make lag!)

DO: Have a 5 word speech ready
DON’T: Have a 6 word or longer speech ready.

DO: Get your photo taken on the Red Carpet.
DON’T: Make the photographer take 20 pics of you.

DO: Listen to Fang and Poet and the great Noma Falta as they voice and sing.
DON’T: Forget to turn on your sound

DO: Clear Your Cache and the come to the sim early to rez it.
DON'T: Run your viewer on the highest quality graphics! (Lower will be better unless you have to phototgraph things!)

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