Monday, January 23, 2012

TODAY'S ADULT FILM PREMIERES! (With a Hot New Feature Film!!)

We're happy to report that today's Adult Film Premieres on SLPornTube has a new movie by VanHelsing Svoboda. Also known as Mr. V.

Van has been getting better and better at making machinima and always makes a sexxxy film. Today's is with his girlfriend Kyra and you can see the heat coming off them. They are amazing hot avis and they know there way around a poseball!!

The are a couple negatives to this film. There was no music on it. I tried listening on two viewers to make sure that wasn't a mistake. I'd love to see him get something from one of the free music sites HERE and repost it. Also there is a little stutter to this film. I'm betting a quick check with someone smart like Q could fix that.

But I give Van extra credit for giving his film a great look. The backgrounds are stunning and i love the blown out white background. It makes it all look very stylish.

You can watch this film and get links to the SLPornTube premieres after the jump.

RELAX WITH MR. V by Van Helsing Svoboda

By a promising newer director...
ASYLUM 2 by BunnyXXX

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