Tuesday, September 25, 2012

***PORNSTARS*** Newcomer Spotlight - Leannan Lockjaw-Tempest (sufferingfrom.lockjaw)

Leannan ( or Suff as she's known to her friends) has been on the periphery of the porn scene in SL for quite a few years, but is now looking to get more involved with being in movies.So while she's listed as a newcomer, she's hardly a novice, and she certainly lives the lifestyle to it's fullest ;)

Jinx Jiersen: What is your favorite position and why?

Suff: I am not quite sure of the name, but standing at the foot of a bed or thigh-to-waist high surface, me bent over and laying my breasts on said surface, one leg up and foot firmly planted on the bed, him grabbing my hips from behind and sliding it in deep, hard, and fast.  Why do I like this, you ask?  Because it hits my g-spot perfectly.... every......single.....time.  Use towels with this, unless you like slipping in lakes of girlcum.

Jinx Jiersen: What is your least favorite position and why?

Suff: Standard old missionary but with the legs down.  There's no bottoming out involved.... I love the feeling of the head of the cock saying "hello" to my cervix.

Jinx Jiersen: What turns you on?

Suff: Intelligence.  The ability to articulate; not just in a sexual manner, but in all aspects of life.  Book-knowledge is good, but just being common-sense intelligent turns me on as well.  Of course, someone who can sing or play guitar will make me purr in ways you cannot imagine.

Jinx Jiersen: What turns you off?

Suff: Textspeak. No, seriously, "U r sexie. Ur b00bs r awsum, wana fuk?" makes my eyes literally ITCH. Also, drama turns me off. I actually stop having sexual relations with anyone that gets a hard-on from drama, because being in close contact with that on an intimate basis makes me physically sick IRL, which causes me to take time off SL for my health.  Lose/lose situation all the way around.

Jinx Jiersen: What sound do you love?

Suff: The sound of a woman whimpering as I alternate between dragging my tongue and sucking on the outer folds of her pussy before I touch her clit.  And the sound of a man begging me to let him fuck me after I have tormented him a long time while sucking on his cock.

Jinx Jiersen: What sound do you hate?

Suff: Bad, canned porn orgasms... You know what I am talking about....*laughs*

Jinx Jiersen: What is your favorite curse word?

Suff: Fuck. I know, EVERYONE seems to love that word, but it has so many meanings, so much feeling behind it in so many ways.

Jinx Jiersen: What would be your ideal role?

Suff: I would like to keep the "MILF" feeling going.. my avatar has that look, and it suits me thoroughly.  Be it biker chick fucking her favorite boytoy over the pool table in the sleazy bar, or the bored housewife seducing the tradesman, or teacher blackmailing her college student for better test grades, I can fit any role for a 30+ spot. I love men and women, so pile them on! *grins*

Jinx Jiersen: What is your favourite movie?

Suff: I have a few:Nobody Rides for Free by Raelin Rage-Murphy and Too Sick to Pray by Pixie Rain. The latter one is actually not my normal taste (I am not into interspecies sex, actually), but I love her work, and this was one of my favorites of hers.

Jinx Jiersen: How did you get started in the Adult Movie Industry?

Suff: I stumbled into Hard Alley right around the time Hard Rust was very involved in the SL porn industry.  I was too new to Hard Alley for any of the "famous people" to take a notice of me, but I decided to spend time working on perfecting my avatar and enjoying doing amateur erotic photography on Flickr until someone was interested in filming me.

Jinx Jiersen: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Suff: "Oh about time you got your sweet ass up here.  Go let your momma welcome you Home, let her get back to her reading, and get your ass over to the orgy room...  Marilyn Monroe's been dying to see who can outsuck who."


  1. Thank you!!!! I cannot wait to see what the future holds... hopefully more erotic work;)

  2. Woot! Suff, the High Priestess of Sleaze!